What is emcaso?

What is emcaso?
Your child’s safety net. A Go-To Family Emergency Action Plan.

The app serves as a family emergency concierge service. It is the modern day more practical version of the info your mom use to put on the fridge. More than ever, parents with kids under 5 years old need extra help preparing and responding to emergencies.

Emcaso is a productivity toolkit that lets parents share family in case of emergency (ICE) information with care providers in 1-click, and save precious time.

It’s like TurboTax or the Common College Application, but for (annual) childcare provider forms. Never fill out mandatory school enrollment forms again.

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Benefits of emcaso?
It is a secure web service that allows parents to share family details effectively.

It is a time saving “mommy helper” that eliminates parents’ need to fill out mandatory paperwork over and over again. Never fill out a form again.

It also empowers a family inner circle & prepares parents, in the case of emergencies by simplifying logistics & streamlining help efforts and minimizing time to respond.

simplifies paperwork – emcaso quickly allows parents to create required release forms and authorization letters, and to give child care providers the most accurate need to know’s.

time saver – emcaso keeps mom’s productive, and re-purposes basic family details as needed.

empowering – emcaso helps parents feel more prepared for emergencies & enables contacts to be ready to respond.

efficient – emcaso clarifies family resources & makes vital directions more actionable & effective & understandable & handy.

convenient – have key family details in one easy to find spot, at your fingertips.

Why is emcaso a radical change?
The current way most parents prepare for an emergency is woefully inadequate, and does NOT follow EMS best practices. What is going on? It is astonishing that an inordinate amount of time is wasted trying to share basic family info with childcare care providers, and sitters.

It enables moms, as head of household, to turn on a dime, if an accident, home evacuation, or disaster occurs.

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