To date, emcaso has been bootstrapped to kill a pain we found in our new life as active parents trying to care for such little vulnerable souls.

After years of research, Tomer and Fennel have found that sharing family care FAQs is problematic. Found that millions of other parents face the same core issues. Found that takes Parents/Guardians months if not hours to cough up and explain basic child care info, in ways that set up parents to fail. This is wrong. Unacceptable manual waste. Who has time for this impractical 20th century bullshit? The cost of this time is too high.

How can we evolve? Our solution automates manual administrative tasks.

In 2013, Fennel Doyle spearheaded emcaso, as the Founder and Product Designer. She is a technical web services expert, with over 12 years of IT experience in the financial sector, supporting operational teams, and intranets. On the side, she has enjoyed spending at least 10 years working with young children in various capacities — such as a lifeguard, social services aid, soccer coach & referee, art teacher, kayak/wilderness chaperone, marine biologist, AIDS hotline operator, sailing/snorkeling tour guide, photographer, and storyteller to name a few. She holds a Masters in Information Technology (James Cook University, Australia), ASS in Graphic Design from Parson’s School of Design (NYC), and a BA with a double-major in Religious Studies and Art History from Brown University (RI).  LinkedIn.

Tomer PetelTomer Petel leads as Director of Software Development, and is a new father. He has spent over decade, in the Silicon Valley, focused on delivering alerting systems and developing right-fit solutions for mass crisis communication systems for the State of California, local government, and enterprises. He is responsible for the success of AtHoc’s IoT, distributed sys strategy and architectures, as well as device and network secure messaging. AtHoc is now a division of BlackBerry Limited. Tomer has earned 2 masters (MBA & M.Sc. in Engineering) at San Jose State University and a BSc in Computer Science & Engineering. You may spot him kite surfing, or volunteering for the San Francisco Board Sailing Association. LinkedIn.