BETA Kick Off

Dear Parents/Guardians, First Responders, Care Givers, Loved Ones:

I am excited to streamline child care FAQs, with the launch of our emcaso app. 

The success of our grassroots “parent hack” tool depends upon 5 mins of your time. Can you surf our prototype? Please help by trying the app or take a survey. Your feedback is much appreciated!

emcaso has transformed a 1 hour-3 week process of paper pushing, into just the click of a button – by streamlining answers to family care frequently asked questions.

Parents, and especially parents with children under 5 years old, have a universal need to share child care details with care givers. emcaso is a B2C mobile app that modernizes family care FAQs, and “in case of emergency” fridgerator notes. Your input is critical to make it work right.

emcaso leverages mobile technology to simplify manual child care routines for parents by:

  • accelerating the time it takes to complete a child care form to l min/form 
    • instead of the current rate of ~60 mins – 21 days/form
  • eliminating communication delays and errors with child care givers
  • making it effortless to comply with cumbersome state child care laws  
  • clarifying emergency response contacts and resources
  • mitigating risk

Our solution kills the hassle of repetitious clerical minutia — with the automation of  rote administrative tasks. This allows emcaso parents to save time, be present, and worry less. 

For example emcaso has re-imagined LIC 700 (PDF), a common dense legal “emergency contacts” form parents must complete annually in order to satisfy day care enrollment requirements, into 2 core parts:
( 1 ) a user-friendly LIC 700 form wizard +
( 2 ) a private knowledge base where child safety = #1 priority

With emcaso, parents can:

  1. auto-fill nasty legal forms legibly, faster, and conveniently
  2. streamline every day mobile communications with child care givers
  3. increase comprehension of family care FAQs details among people who need to know
  4. control emergency situations better

Our goal is to empower parents and care givers, and improve child care outcomes.  emcaso lets parents be flexible. How can an in sync circle of networked care givers impact the life-long health of a young child?

#1 – Test emcaso:
The app is secure, mobile-friendly, and free to use. NO downloading required.

In exchange for your valuable time and wisdom as an emcaso BETA tester, you will automatically have a chance to win a prize.

Every emcaso user account that has been created will be entered into a give away sweepstakes – and have a chance to win a 100%  silk french scarf.  Kindly use a valid email address when creating your emcaso username, so we can notify you if you win the gorgeous scarf  (seen above). 

The sweepstakes drawing winner will be notified via email, on July 1, 2021.

We are eternally grateful for your support. Together, we can build stronger child care co-ops, eliminate the burden of unnecessary paperwork, and be better care givers. We would love to hear your story. What child care routines work and do NOT work for you?

What FAQs come up for your family?

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