BETA Kick Off

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Parents/Guardians, First Responders, Care Givers, Loved Ones:
We need your input to simplify child care logistics for families with young children. We want to give parents a modern pragmatic way to share family care FAQs. A go-to app for family care FAQs.

Right now, the app is a wizard that allows parents to fill out a standard in case of emergency form quickly, legibly, and easily. For ex. parents must fill out this form to comply with legal day care enrollment requirements.

Top 5 Ways You Can Help:
#1 – Test the app:
The BETA app is secure, mobile friendly and free to use.

#2 – Tell us what matters most to you, in a 5 min survey.
Surveys For Parents/Guardians:
( I ) Do you have children under 5 YO, who go — or will go — to day care/ pre-K? If so, please share your insights.

( II ) Do you share your child care info with your inner circle of care givers (such as family, friends, baby sitters, nannies)? If so, please share your insights.

( III ) Do you have child care givers come to the home? If so, please share your insights.

Surveys for Day Care Providers:
( IV ) Do you run a day care, child care facility taking care of kids under 5 YO? Please share your insights

#3 Inform your family, friends, inner circle, co-op about our initiative.

Ask them to try the app. This app is designed to start the conversation about your family’s in case of emergency plans, not replace the conversation.

#4 Let’s meet. 
I would love to talk about what works and doesn’t work for your family. Feel free to email or call: 415-652-7740 to connect

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Our Story

“There are four kinds of people in the world:
those who are currently caregivers,
those who have been caregivers,
those who will be caregivers,
and those who will need caregivers.”
– Rosalynn Carter