Brava Theatre Presents: Fire Safety Workshop

Inspired by: Brava Theatre & Spike Kahn

Artists, want to learn how to make your studios safe from fire?

Free 1st Workshop of its Kind
Contact: Spike Kahn
Jan 3, 2017
6 pm @ Brava Theater Center
2781 24th Street, San Francisco, CA  94110
Directions & Hours | 415-641-7657

Find out how to:

      • ID exits
      • install smoke detectors (trying to get some free to distribute from the Mayor’s office)
      • use a fire extinguisher
      • make your life/work space safe both from fire & from evictions
      • & more

In coordination with Stacey Carter at Hunters Point, Pacific Felt Factory, SFFD, and Stacie Anastacia Powers at Brava Theatre.

What are the particular facets of fire safety, in places with lots of equipment, and materials? What is electric power tool safety? How to stop overloading outlets, and use breaker power strips properly? Why are smoke/CO2 alarms an important new standard? Do you have illuminated exit signs? Clear paths of exit? Unlocked exits? Ventilation considerations?

Lets figure out other ways to keep the creative class be safe.

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