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“There are four kinds of people in the world:
those who are currently caregivers,
those who have been caregivers,
those who will be caregivers,
and those who will need caregivers.”
– Rosalynn Carter

Details on our BETA app kick off

Our mission is create a new gold standard for family emergency preparation and response. Kid safety = #1. We are the first mobile-friendly, kid-centric EMS.

How can we streamline family care FAQs and produce better outcomes in case of family emergencies? Test emcaso and let us know what think!

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How do Early Childhood Experiences Correlate with Epigenetics?

Big thxoxo to the brilliant California Surgeon General Nadine Burke Harris for her ongoing dedication to building stronger care giver infrastructures that effectively enable young children to thrive and be healthier! She is a crusader who understands the critical importance (and high value) of quality early child care, and is a hero for babies worldwide.

What is epigenetics? How do epigenetic changes affect genes? Disease? How do epigenetics factor in early child development and impact life long health outcomes?

“What the science has shown us is that it is possible to mitigate against the impacts of childhood adversity by buffering the toxic stress response,” says Dr. Burke Harris. “With care giving support, we can see neurological, immunological, endocrine, and epigenetic changes in individuals that have had exposure to ACEs.” For more details on this initiative see:

“Adverse Childhood Experiences and toxic stress will cost California over a trillion dollars in the next 10 years,” said California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.

This research demonstrates that our imperative is not only ethical and moral, we have a strong economic imperative as well.”

Using emcaso Essential Service Workers (ESWs) can get child care ASAP – help us help them!

Expediting need to knows about child care for parents on the go. emcaso is available for use now — as a mobile friendly family care FAQ toolkit which auto-fills required paperwork, and simplifies family routines in the new normal.

Childcare FAQs: Toolkit for COVID-19

Sending you and yours wellness during this uncertain crisis that demands we stay home, cooperate and form new family routines.

We can do this. More than ever before, Parents need the power of automation now:

Attention: Families with kids at home, out of daycare, without child care, short a babysitter, missing grandma!

With “Shelter-In-Place”, our job as care givers got harder. To help emcaso gives care givers greater flexibility. Our mobile app allows parents to be more flexible by streamlining child care FAQs, and simplifying “in case of emergency” contacts for your child. emcaso lets Parents/Guardians and care givers share child care FAQs 60-11kX faster and easier while solving for readability issues.

We have released emcaso to foster the growth of high quality child care, as we all cope with COVID-19 restrictions, and unprecedented child care challenges. emcaso is a toolkit that empowers parents. App is free. No download is required. When it comes to everyday childcare tasks, and offering extra resiliency to such hardships, emcaso helps you transform new family normals in a more practical modern way.

Our story.

emcaso supports families raising young kids in the San Francisco Bay and beyond! Why is child care logistical minutiae so frustrating, and problematic? For more information, see details about our venture to create a new gold standard for emergency family care, and our app kick off.

Need extra help sharing child care details? Instead of wasting time with repetitious tedious child care admin tasks, try emcasoapp to modernize your in case of emergency refrigerator notes, and emails. Let us know how we can make the app more useful for you.

Try the app – and get a chance to win a headscarf

Angels, let’s love up on the little ones more.

As always, #playitsafe

Want to Make Better Decisions? Do This

inspired by:
Darius Foroux Blog on Productivity

“The earlier and more you decide, the more chance that you make better decisions.”

“You can never avoid making a mistake. However, you can do your best to avoid making dumb decisions.”

“When you make small decisions early, before they become big — it’s easy. When you put off decisions, they become big — and painful.”

Find out other easy strategies you can use to help manage your familycare successfully and more productively.

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Brava Theatre Presents: Fire Safety Workshop

Inspired by: Brava Theatre & Spike Kahn

Artists, want to learn how to make your studios safe from fire?

Free 1st Workshop of its Kind
Contact: Spike Kahn
Jan 3, 2017
6 pm @ Brava Theater Center
2781 24th Street, San Francisco, CA  94110
Directions & Hours | 415-641-7657

Find out how to:

      • ID exits
      • install smoke detectors (trying to get some free to distribute from the Mayor’s office)
      • use a fire extinguisher
      • make your life/work space safe both from fire & from evictions
      • & more

In coordination with Stacey Carter at Hunters Point, Pacific Felt Factory, SFFD, and Stacie Anastacia Powers at Brava Theatre.

What are the particular facets of fire safety, in places with lots of equipment, and materials? What is electric power tool safety? How to stop overloading outlets, and use breaker power strips properly? Why are smoke/CO2 alarms an important new standard? Do you have illuminated exit signs? Clear paths of exit? Unlocked exits? Ventilation considerations?

Lets figure out other ways to keep the creative class be safe.